Crochet Gift For Your Cat!

New year. New place. New life. 

Today I found myself wondering about how my life changed. And why I feel completely at ease with these changes. 

It was something I wanted, and I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Just driving in these streets that I deeply know, that are “mine”, I feel something that can hardly be resumed with “joy”: 

I spent the night at my mom’s, and I left my two lovely kitties at my place alone. My first thought after midnight was: “No. Fireworks. Again!”.

I left Barcelona with San Juan night in June…. to remember that here in Italy it’s about the same on New Year’s Eve. 

I won’t be getting too deep into what are my thoughts about fireworks and animals… it was meant to be a quick introduction to why I’m posting this project today: a little gift for your pet if you live in a place where the 31st of December means fireworks everywhere. 

Crochet Cat Toy

A little lovely crochet cat ball, designed by my mother, so easy to make that it doesn’t even need a scheme or instructions.

Depending on the size of the sphere you’ll place inside you just need to know these 3 steps:

  1. Chain 5 to start
  2. Crochet keeping the sphere in to choose the number of stitches you have to do, depending on the size.
  3. Increase every raw until half and then decrease until you covered it completely. (as an example, you can start with 8 stitches and then increase or decrease one every 2 stitches for the next couple of raws).

You can use any material you want for the inside. My cats love paper or light balls like styrofoam or aluminum foil. 

The crochet on the outside makes playing with it funnier because it’s easier to throw all around the apartment getting caught in their nails. 

They’ll love it!

This one in the pictures is the only one I was able to rescue easily, others were under the couch, fridge,… basically, one in each unreachable spot, the only thing that keeps them from playing with it!

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