Meditate with the (inner) blue sky

Who said that if you are new to meditation you need to practice with someone and to be guided with some voice? 

Let me prove you wrong! Because meditation really can be done anywhere, at any time, and for as much time as you need. Some days can be just for a couple of minutes or the length of a song but, I promise, you will see its benefits either way.  

Here you have a short explanation on what to do, you can easily read it once to understand how it works and then just close your eyes and practice. 

If you want you can remain in silence and just focus on the sound of your breath or, if you live in a city like me, try to leave some music in the background, to lower a bit the “city noises”. With practice you’ll see how background sounds and noises will affect your concentration less and less. 

easy meditation in practice

Sitting (or lying) in a comfortable position, close your eyes and start finding the connection back to your breath… imagining a blue sunny sky all over you.

Now, to every thought that comes to your mind, you’ll give it the shape of a cloud. Depending on the type of feeling that arises from the thought you can give to the cloud a different shape: a small white and fluffy cloud to the positive and higher feelings, and a bigger, darker or stormy cloud to the bad, deep feelings.

Inhale the power of the wind and hold it for a moment, noticing its energy becoming part of your own energy. Then with the exhalation allow the breath to push away your thoughts like a strong wind would do with the clouds to uncover and reveal the blue sky behind them.

easy meditation visualization

Remember that using visualisations during meditation practice is just one of the techniques you can try, more to come! 

Stay tuned!

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