Food, good memories… and corncobs!

Which foods brings you good memories? What flavors bring you back to a happy moment?

The first memory that comes to mind when I eat a corncob is when, as a child, I used to go with my mom to steal them in the fields near home.

It is a beautiful memory that I carry with me and that I learned to appreciate only after many years living in a big city.

Sneaking in the field at sunset, on wonderful late summer evenings. And then eat them with your hands with a little butter or even just salt to make them tastier.

Well, the taste is definitely not the same, but anyway every time I buy them at the supermarket, with their flavor my mind takes me back to the same wonderful memory.

A Bit Of History

It was the pre-Columbian civilizations that established corn as one of the basic foods in their diet, and it was the Spanish who brought it to Europe.

At the beginning of the 16th century it was already being cultivated in Andalusia and its cultivation spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Currently, corn is the third most cultivated cereal in the world, and after wheat and rice it is the basis of food in many countries.

It’s gaining more and more consumers, especially among people with coeliac disease, as corn does not contain gluten.

How to cook it

The best way to cook sweet corn, if it is tender, is to steam it. But one of the most delicious ways to enjoy an ear without complicating itself in the kitchen is roasting it and seasoning it with butter or oil and salt.

Properties and Benefits

Antioxidants: Corn is a source of antioxidants that fight free radicals and cellular aging.

Satiating: Rich in fiber and carbohydrates, corn is satiating and helps control our appetite.

Good for the brain: Rich in folic acid and other vitamins, corn is an ally of various brain functions.

Cardiovascular health: The vitamin B1 contained in corn decreases homocysteine and therefore also reduces the risk of a cardiovascular attack.

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