Gifts with love… and Mandala Art!

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve given this year?

I have to admit that handmade gifts are always my favorites, during this special year, you might have had a bit more time to work on them, or maybe like me, you just arrived on the 24th of December completely unorganized, missing some gifts and without even knowing what to buy (yes, I still struggle the 31st on my sister’s gift and this pandemic do not help hehe).

A special gift with mandala art


This box is a perfect example of what I would like to receive. Hand made with love for a special friend. With a lovely mandala that represents peace and balance.

Colors were chosen by my friend, and I have to admit that probably it wasn’t a combination I would have used, but I also have to admit that the result was really nice!

What you will need

You just need a box, which you can buy cheap in some 1 dollar store. It doesn’t have to be wood and the material really depends on which colors you’ll be using.

As I said before I really LOVE Posca Markers, they are super versatile and really easy to use if you don’t have special painting skills (like me hehe). So the wood was a perfect combination as they paint really nicely on this surface.

If your materials checklist is complete now you just need to read, if you didn’t already, our post about How To Draw A Mandala In 7 Steps… and that’s it.

You might find some more inspiration in our Mandala category but you can also write to us if you need support. We’ll be happy to help you! You can use the comments below or feel free to send us an email using our contact form or straight to

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