Flow Like A River

I know I took the right path for how much I feel grateful for what I have, I miss many things but if I truly think about it, I don’t miss anything.

I am so lucky for being able to say that I have people taking care of me, family and friends, the ones that, after 13 years of distance, are still there, with love stronger than before.

I am so lucky for having the time to do what I love and even for being scared of following my dreams.

I am so lucky for having the feeling of being in the right place and at the right time, to have figured out that living in the present moment is the right path, and truly the only one.

I am so lucky to live surrounded by wild nature, breathtaking landscapes, mountains, and rivers. Sitting on a rock in the middle of a flowing river and being able to meditate, touching with the hands the water flowing. A true taste of what meditation is: letting go of our thinking mind, leaving thoughts to come and go, not being attached to them.

Meditation & nature

And it’s today when spring starts to show the first signs, that my mind goes there: to my happy places, to my beautiful mountains, to my beautiful wild rivers. 

Although meditation is something you can practice almost everywhere, connecting with yourself through the breath in contact with nature is a unique experience that will transport you to the deepest part of yourself.

Meditating understanding that we are water and therefore we have the same strengths that water has. We can flow, and not force. Harmoniously going through life, without getting attached.

Are you intrigued? Leave a comment below, contact us, or check this minute of water meditation for a taste of it. 

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