Lovely Crochet Earrings

Today’s project has something really special, I can say I have the honor to publish one of my mother projects. 

You have to know that my passion for crochet comes from my mother, she is undoubtedly the best crocheter I know.

Since I have memory she made beautiful projects come true one after the other.

She really is an artist, the one that can crochet, knit, make dolls, design clothes, and even paint!

I know you will think that it’s my mother and it’s kind of normal that I KNOW she is the best one (hehe) but seriously, I could probably start a blog only with her projects and going on for a looooooot of time. 

Long story short, she lives in Italy and some months ago she sent me a beautiful dress that came together with matching crochet earrings done by herself. Plus, she included the scheme so I could share it as one of our mindful projects on the web…. so here you have it!


Its a scheme quite easy to follow which can be also used just as an inspiration or a start to make bigger or smaller earrings. 

As usual with a bit of imagination and yes, a bit of experience in this case, you can do a lot of different projects.

The result with the pearls it’s really elegant and perfect for these late summer evenings. 

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