Serenity Wall Mandala by Kristin Omdahl

I don’t post often my own projects, original ones usually are so perfect that I almost fell guilty posting my results instead of what the owner of the project does. 
But this time I am so happy with the result, I really proudly feel it’s time to stop being shy.
Let me introduce you to my lovely, new born in times of lockdown, wall mandala:

Crochet Wall Mandala Free Pattern

A lovely 60 cm diameter hula hoop + t-shirt cotton yarn = total cost less than 5 eur and such a lovely result. Fast and easy, I followed the instructions and pattern of this Serenity Mandala Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern by Kristin Omdahl and it went on really fast! 
You want an easy project, that gives fast results and will look perfect in your home? This is definitely the one for you!

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