Yoga: A Window to Happiness.

Lately, I find myself gasping and trying desperately to find tranquillity and calm. I can’t sleep well, I’m often anxious, … It’s for sure a stressful moment for people all over the world. This makes me realize even more how much we need yoga in our lives to balance the amount of charge our day by day life brings.

2020: a different year

With the change of our working habits in this crazy 2020, too often we even struggle to get a bit of fresh air to breathe. 

I was used to like my job, this frenetically busy schedule that made the days fly away. I was actually used to think that I really needed to be under pressure to give my best.

I now understand that the most important part is to LOVE what we are doing. Not just being good at it or liking it, especially when it comes to seeing a proper meaning in it. During the years, I changed many jobs… before moving to Spain, I first started to work in shops or bars, they were the “first experience” in a world where if you are too “old” you cost too much, but if you are too “young” you have too little experience. So yeah, well… apparently, this was the first, I would say, real hint that life gave me about the system I was living in. 

I am not here to expose my CV, let’s say that I’m not the one who had a dream from a young age and fought for it. I worked in different places… to finally find that none of them is what I really want! Shop assistant, bartender, secretary, nail aesthetician, public relations, waitress, event manager, supervisor, office manager, … and now leaving it all again to move back to my beloved Italy. With no idea of what will happen there (living in the present moment, you know… hehe or unless trying to).

I never thought I’ve lost my time during these years, it really feels like the path I had to follow to really understand what’s important in life. 

A path with heart

I grew up in a society in which you are lead to think that the higher you get, the more money you earn… the happier you are. And then not all of us have the gift of understanding this is not real happiness. Happiness is sharing, means trying to do something good, to give our little support to make the world a better place. 

I’m the kind of person who didn’t like to watch the news because I got an enormous sense of impotence as I couldn’t find anything to do to make it better. It gave me this sense of being so little in a world too sick to be cured. 

So, well, dreaming big I am following a path with heart.

While I practice yoga, while I read, while I write, …. it’s like opening a calm and peaceful window in which I find myself finally disconnecting from the system and connecting to what I need and what I am. 

Right NOW.

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